What We Do

"Craftsmanship isn't like water in an earthen pot, to be taken out by the dipperful until it's empty. No, the more drawn out the more remains.” 
― Lloyd AlexanderTaran Wanderer


The Little Blue Wood Shop is a partnership between Rob and Gillia Bakie, two creative people who are married and loving it. They love to travel and have a passion for creating.

Rob Bakie

 Admittedly, the heavy lifting in the woodworking arena is done by Rob. However, Gillia's design eye advises and influences everything that Rob builds. Rob works by day building web pages for a Northwest video game company.  By night he fights crime and ... well, actually he writes and takes photos and has found an amazing passion for woodworking.  Check out the blog for his thoughts on creating and crafting.

Gillia Bakie

Gillia's pyrography skills brand all projects. She can be persuaded on occasion to use her sewing skills to create neat little bags for small woodworking projects as well. Gillia's design eye and creativity (mentioned above) leads her to pursuits in painting, sewing, writing and photography.


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